The Apple TV Remote is not perfect

This is a screenshot of the Apple TV Remote. Looks pretty simple, right?

It has its flaws.

One beef I have is why did it take me (and every member of my household) so long to find the escape hatch that brings me back to Apple TV’s main menu? Ok yes, it’s in the instructions but if it’s a great design, I shouldn’t need them. Now that I know to press and hold the menu button, it makes sense, but it should’ve been more intuitive.

My second issue is that the hamburger menu is a mysterious thing and only works when you’re in certain parts of the app (at least the ones I use). For example, in Netflix the hamburger menu only displays functionality and I have to be watching an episode for it to work at all. While in the episode, the hamburger menu shows settings — subtitles, audio and speakers. When I’m on the home screen of Apple TV, the hamburger menu only allows you to hide an app and even then, I have to use the play/pause button to assist in this action. Maybe this is to keep users safe from completing an action that they’ll later feel is too hard to undo, but even so, it’s confusing. Since the hamburger menu seems to only represent settings, why isn’t the icon a cog wheel? (For those interested in reading more about hamburger menus, read this post by Luis Abreu.)